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Should I Buy or Lease a New Subaru?

It's the age-old auto finance question: is it better to buy or lease? We wish we could give you a single, one-size-fits-all answer, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Whether you're considering your first new car or you've done this a few times before, you may have questions about particular offers or your own circumstances. We would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and explore some options- we have a lot of experience with car leases and loans in the Orlando area and we'd love to help you come to the best possible decision.

Our Subaru showroom is a straight shot about 20 minutes north of Kissimmee and under an hour on I-4 East from Lakeland. We invite you to visit our finance team and put their knowledge to work!

Below is a big-picture look at some advantages and disadvantages of leasing and of buying.

Benefits and Bummers of Leasing a New Subaru

The big benefit: a lower monthly payment.

When you lease a new car, you're essentially paying for just the first few years of its life; you pay the difference between its brand-new price and its expected (and pre-determined) value at the end of the lease term. A lease term has mileage limits to keep the car's value on par with average depreciation and wear-and-tear.

Another big draw to leasing is the consistent cost of upkeep. Most lease terms last about as long as the comprehensive warranty, so your maintenance costs should not include any surprises.

A lot of people like to drive new cars with the latest technology, and leasing is an affordable way to always have a nice, current- or recent-model year car in your driveway. You can get a new car every two or three years for reasonable monthly payments!

The bummer: the mileage limit!

That mileage limit will be a real concern if you commute to Orlando from Lakeland all year. If you intend to do some long road trips and exploring in your new Subaru, purchasing might be a better choice for you.

With a lease, you don't have any equity in the car, either. At the end of the term you either turn the car in or purchase it.

Benefits and Bummers of Buying a New Subaru

The big benefit: it's all yours!

Rather than paying for just the beginning of a new Subaru's life, you get the whole shebang and can do with it what you will. Drive all over Florida a hundred times, paint dolphins on the hood, whatever you want. (Well, maybe wait until after the loan is fully paid.) Your new Subaru is yours.

Buying works especially well for people who want to keep their new car for a long time. You'll have equity in the vehicle and can sell it when you want to, or pass it on to a family member. The good news is that Subaru models tend to hold their value well, so if you take good care of your new Subaru you may be able to ask a great price for it if you decide to sell.

Remember that shopping for a used or certified pre-owned Subaru is a wonderful way to keep costs low. You may find exactly what you need in our used inventory for a monthly cost that's similar to a new lease, but you still build the equity.

The bummer: it costs more.

Buying a new car can be very expensive, especially if you don't have a car to trade in. After the warranty coverage ends, you'll also have to fund any necessary repairs that come up as the car ages.

If you do decide to sell your car later on, you'll be subject to whatever the market decides your car is worth. Though, as we've said, Subaru models do generally hold their value well, a turn in the market could mean you don't get the number you're hoping for.

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There are tremendous advantages to either leasing or purchasing a new Subaru. We'd love to help you get into your favorite new Subaru model in a way that makes good financial sense for you, so please be in touch with any questions!

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